Laser Eye Surgery Review by Jay Rowden

July, 2008

As a photographer, obviously focus is absolutely crucial and, what I found was with my contact lenses would get steamed up or, you know with glasses it is quite difficult to focus with glasses. I don't have any of those issues now that my eyes have been lasered, it's just every single shot is in focus, I can see what I am doing, I can work quickly and, I am just utterly delighted now that I've had my eyes lasered. I sincerely mean this I just want the world to know how amazing Laser Surgery is; it's completely and utterly transformed my life beyond all recognition.

Jay Rowden, Photograpther, had IntraLase Wavefront LASIK laser eye treatment in Sep, 2008. Treated by Dr Hoe at Optimax London Laser Eye Surgery Clinic.

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