LASEK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Caroline Hurst

Caroline Hurst - Before Caroline Hurst - After

Aug 1, 2004

Until September 2004, the inconvenience of glasses and contact lenses was the bane of my life. As a singer and actor, my glasses would fall off and get damaged in rehearsals. I'd take them off and lose them all the time and without them, I couldn't see a thing (how I found my lost glasses, I will never know!) I also developed neck and shoulder pain, as I would incline my head to see out of my glasses properly.

I hated the way I looked in glasses and I couldn't war them on stage anyway. To remedy all these problems, I opted to wear contact lenses. With this remedy came a whole host of new problems.

I could only wear my lenses for a certain period of time and the lenses would dry out easily, or somehow get make-up on them, which meant I couldn't see - even with them in! I suffered from eye irritation, not to mention the inconvenience of carrying my glasses with me in case I had to take the lenses out (for example to take make-up off), or in case one got lost.

I suffered headaches and some level of damage to my eyes due to wearing lenses, even when I reduced the wearing time and had the healthiest lenses available.

I would dread getting up in the morning and fiddling about with my daily lenses, putting them into my puffy eyes. Sometimes I gave up and restored to wearing my glasses again. I was fed up. Then, of course there was the cost. Glasses and lenses are expensive and contact lenses even more so. I would be paying for these throughout my life, proving to be one of the greatest expenditures I would have to bear.

Still, I had to bear it, didn't I? Then I heard about Optimax. A friend of mine had the treatment and was thrilled with the results. I researched the procedure thoroughly and confess to being afraid of the procedure and its side effects. I hesitated, but as more and more friends and acquaintances recommended Optimax for the 'life changing' LASEK treatment, I decided to take the plunge.

If I'd known then what I know now, I would have had the treatment long before! Here's why: I was pleasantly surprised by the cost and was thrilled to think that I would have paid the balance within eleven months, saving a fortune on a lifetime of glasses and contact lenses. The staff were warm, friendly and supportive.

The clinic itself is very welcoming, totally avoiding and "clinical" feel. Every stage of the assessment and procedure was explained to me thoroughly and I was encouraged to ask questions and voice doubts. All questions were answered well and doubts/fears put to rest.

I was gently talked through the procedure as it was happening. Although I was nervous beforehand, I was surprised how calm and secure I felt. The procedure itself was incredibly short and 100% pain free. There was slight burning smell, but I was not alarmed, as I had been pre-warned that the smell would happen and was completely normal.

The recovery was not distressing, with mild discomfort and affected sight for four days, but most importantly, NO PAIN, thanks to the eye drops I was given. The removal of the bandage lenses was not at all traumatic and completely pain free. The aftercare was absolutely excellent.

I had no problems getting appointments and any examinations were thorough and well explained. On the fifth day, my sight was at driving standard. By the seventh day, my sight was better than it ever was with glasses and contact lenses. The Optimax optometrist confirmed that my sight was as good as eyesight can possibly get! Driving to Scotland a week later, the scenery took my breath away.

It was as if I was seeing the world for the first time! Glorious. What a joy to have perfect peripheral vision, which you never have with glasses. Rehearsals and performances are so much more enjoyable and stress free. I am freed from the nightmare I used to have. My morning routine is so easy! No more fuss. No more unsightly glasses or puffy eyes! I could go on and on.

Five months later, I can barely remember a time when I ever needed glasses or lenses. People ask me to read things for them, knowing that even though they may have glasses or lenses, I can see better than any of them! I have no long-term effects.

It sometimes occurs to me that it wasn't always like this and I wonder how on earth I put up with glasses and lenses for so long. Revolutionary life changing, I could not recommend Optimax enough. It is, by far, the best decision I ever made. Thank you.