LASEK Laser Eye Surgery Review by James Cohen

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Aug 1, 2004

Firstly a big THANK YOU! Secondly to others reading this... just get it done! I heard about laser eye surgery long ago. I looked into it but I was a bit too young to go under treatment and it also too expensive at the time. I used to work in media in broadcast programmes and corporate videos. Wearing glasses was a nuisance and filming in different environments steamed up my glasses. Couldn't shoot without them, as my eyes were pretty bad at around -5.00 dioptres in both eyes.

I was short-sighted. If I needed to run to the action, my glasses slipped. Filming on power speedboats they got covered in sea spray making it hard to focus. If I cleaned them up they got smeary. Then in February 2004 I decided to go for it and have laser surgery (LASEK). I was lucky as I managed to sign up just in time to get 'Buy one persons laser eye surgery and get the other persons done for free!' It wasn't as expensive as it was when I was younger, plus I had the new form done: LASEK. I called Optimax as I was having trouble finding a secondary person.

They were so helpful, never pushy, just answering my many questions and fears. They never did the hard sell. It was me selling it to myself and testimonials from previous clients. Well I went for it. I wasn't scared when it happened, well that's a lie I was a little but I think I was more worried about putting the drops in afterwards on a daily basis, but you get used to that. When I was in the theatre room the nurses and the doctor who did my surgery were fantastic. I was in then out.NEXT!

It was so fast for a life altering operation. Well it was all over, that quick! I then went home and shockingly was able to see 50% within the first two hours, then 80% within the next two hours. I was so impressed. I did have a couple of minor side effects seeing colours such as white and black being blurry for the first few months and my eyes became little blurry if I was tired.

But apart form that it was fantastic! It takes some time for your eyes to adjust. It's great not wearing glasses anymore. Not needing them for TV, checking the alarm clock time in the morning, not knocking them off my face whilst dancing out clubbing with my friends. Kissing people! It's fantastic!

It takes some time for your eyes to adjust to the treatment overall and it also takes time to adjust to not wearing glasses. Everyone does react differently to the surgery but in general after asking people who have had it done, he or she seems to benefit from it and are glad they had it done. Some bad new was that within a year of my surgery, I got attacked and mugged pretty badly.

The good news I guess is that if I had to wear glasses, I would not have seen both of the attackers face, as they kicked me in the head and eyes (wearing glasses would have knocked them off).

My eyes were ok from the attack, even though I suffered other separate injuries to which I'm recovering from. I see people with glasses and I just want to tell them to get it done because they will so gratefully benefit like I am now. Short-term loss, long-term gain!