LASEK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Janine Coppola

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Aug 1, 2004

I had wanted to have my eyes lasered for years but daren't take the plunge. By the time I had finally made the decision, I'd looked into all aspects of the treatment and decided to choose Optimax. I had been wearing glasses since I was 13, contact lenses since I was about 18.

I was quite nervous to start with although excited with anticipation as well. I went into the treatment room at 4.40pm on a Friday night and by 4.50pm, I was sat outside in the waiting room all done! The treatment itself, although not entirely pleasant, was nothing compared with what I had anticipated.

The anesthetic eye drops meant I didn't feel anything and I had lenses and plastic shields placed over my eyes once the treatment was done - in all honesty, the worst part was walking back to the car with the transparent shields over my eyes!! I felt like 'The Fly'!!

What amazed me to start with was that when my husband came to pick me up, he walked into the waiting room and waved at me. To his astonishment, I actually waved back from the other side of the room - I could actually see him. I went home and straight to bed because by then the anesthetic had worn off and all I wanted to do was keep my eyes closed.

They were uncomfortable for a couple of days, I felt very reluctant to open them as they were stinging and watery but after the initial two days they were fine but felt dry and tired. I had the soft lenses taken out on the Monday ( a part which I was dreading, but didn't feel a thing!). My eyesight was pretty clear from the start, slightly long-sighted but that altered as time went on.

They still felt dry for a couple of weeks after but Optimax had provided me with all the antibiotics and eye drops that I needed. I tended to wear tinted glasses if I went outside during the first week because I was also a little sensitive to the brightness.

Within 5/7 days, I was absolutely fine and driving without glasses for the first time. I wish I'd had it done years ago. My confidence has soared. It has given me so much freedom like swimming and not having to worry about losing a contact lens.

Holidays are hassle free - I no longer have to take bottles of solutions, contact lens cases and spare glasses and to wake during the night time and actually be able to 'see' sharper is priceless and something I'm still not used to after over a year!