LASEK Laser Eye Surgery Review by John Barclay

photo of 'LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Review by John Barclay


Scotland rugby star John Barclay describes how his game and his life changed after having laser eye surgery at Optimax Glasgow clinic last year.

The staff at Optimax were great; really helpful and thorough, he said.

Barclay, 26, made his international debut against New Zealand in 2007. Wearing lenses on the pitch was a real hassle, he recalls.

My contacts would often pop out during a game, and I would then get eye infections when I put them back in. And they would often dry out in windy conditions as well.

The difference after treatment was dramatic;

It was as if I had never even worn glasses or lenses. Because my result was so good, it was suddenly hard to imagine life before the treatment.

I can’t overestimate the difference it’s made to me.

Not just in rugby either, but golf, holidays, driving, everything’s improved. It just changes your life completely.