Laser Eye Surgery Review by Kunal Patel

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Aug 1, 2004

I am a 23 year old Computer Science student with a keen interest in playing cricket. I found the treatment excellent with pre-op and post-op tests. Optimax answered all my questions in detail and were very professional and thorough with their examinations.

The pre-op examination lasted for about half an hour. After checking my vision, I was given an explanation about the type of treatments available for my eyes and what to expect before and after the treatment. I was under no pressure at any time for making the decision to go ahead with the treatment and yet was able to book an appointment for the treatment at the end of the examination. On the day

The suitable date for my treatment (Friday 13th) made me a bit nervous, but I had full confidence in Dr. Almasri who treated my eye. Dr. Almasri checked my vision to ensure accuracy and I was taken into the treatment room. First, drops were put into the eye, which made it numb. I heard the laser tick for about 10 seconds as my eye was treated. I was awake and felt no pain throughout the treatment. At the end of the treatment, a contact lens was placed to protect my eye from dirt, which would be taken out in three days time. After the treatment my eye was very itchy, it felt like dry dirt was in my eye, (just like I was told before the treatment) and I was specifically told not to rub my eye. I was free to go home that afternoon. Follow-up

I've had four follow up appointments. The first appointment was three days after the treatment to check my vision and removal of the contact lens, which was placed to protect my treated eye, followed by the second appointment, which was a week after my treatment. The third appointment was a month after my treatment, and finally the fourth appointment was six months after my treatment to check my healing process and to discharge me. The follow up appointments lasted no more than ten minutes and I was advised at all times to call the clinic if I needed any advice. I had 20/20 vision a week after my treatment, due to the healing process. Laser Eye Treatment has improved my everyday life and I feel it has improved my vision when playing cricket. Thank you Dr Alsmasri and all Optimax staff.