LASEK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Natalie Arkers

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Aug 1, 2004

I hated wearing glasses and contact lenses were such a pain. I had even been to hospital because a lens had split in my eye and wouldn't come out. I hated being escorted to the swimming pool on holiday because I could not see where I was going.

I hated not having a clue what time it was when I woke up during the night because I could not see the clock. But most of all I hated when I couldn't find my glasses because I did not have them on.

So when a friend of mine announced that she had her eyes corrected I was so jealous. I had talked about having it done for years but was too scared to actually do anything about it. That afternoon I phoned Optimax and booked my first appointment, frightening my husband and parents like mad.

I was more excited the scared on the day of treatment. My husband would only let me have one eye done at a time and, after the simple five-minute op, I was upset that I had not had both eyes done together. The next day I woke up feeing great and actually shouted 'I love life' out of the window! The next eye was booked for the next possible appointment.

It's the best thing I have ever done in my life. My sight is fantastic. I have been checked out by an independent optician too and been told that I have an excellent result.

I thank my friend and Optimax for a life changing experience.