LASEK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Nicola Chapman

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Aug 1, 2004

I had LASEK eight years ago and have never looked back. The first few years after treatment I noticed the smallest things made the biggest difference to my life. I used to work in an air conditioned office which would really dry my lenses out and I'd always resort to wearing my glasses which I hated. I really enjoy sports and teaching aerobics and lenses or glasses were a huge obstacle for me.

Five years ago I got married. We had a lovely big white wedding in a beautiful church. I had a fantastic day and I know that if I hadn't had laser eye surgery I would've been worried that I might have had problems with my lenses during the day. I could never wear them for any length of time; I always needed my glasses as back up and I did not want to wear my glasses on my wedding day. I was able to relax and enjoy the most wonderful memorable day that it was.

I now have two beautiful boys aged three and 16 months and, believe it or not, even going though labour and being able to see unaided made it more bearable. I would say I have noticed the benefits of the treatment even more now especially after having my children. Getting up in the middle of the night for feeds, early mornings, late nights all with perfect vision makes my life so much easier.

I like to take the boys to various activities including swimming. I know if I were still wearing glasses this would make my trip more stressful than it already is. Taking young children swimming is not always plain sailing. I would say I am a happier and more confident person since having laser eye surgery. It has to be one of the best decisions I've ever made and I would recommend it to absolutely everyone who hates wearing glasses or lenses, it's fantastic.