LASEK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Sarah Price

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Aug 1, 2004

I had worn glasses since I was at school. It hadn't bothered me then as I did not need to wear them all the time. But over the next couple of years I noticed my eyes deteriorating and I had to wear them more often. When I bought a new pair of glasses I used to love it because it was a new accessory I could wear and, as I worked with the public, I always wanted to look good. But the novelty soon wore off and I noticed that I needed to wear them more. I thought about contact lenses but I could not put my fingers in my eyes.

Then one day I spoke to one of my clients who had her eyes done at Optimax and said how great and how much more confident he felt - I thought wow!

The treatment was fine and it only took 10 minutes for both eyes. I was surprised that when you come out you can see that it had worked already.

It now has been four months and I am still so happy.

It was well worth the money. Thank you.