LASEK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Suzanne Milby

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Aug 1, 2004

I started wearing glasses at the age of 14 to begin with. I only needed glasses for reading. However, as time passed the need for glasses grew and by the age of 22 I was wearing glasses all the time. I found this inconvenient especially with my job. I am a cabin crew for an airline, which involves doing a demonstration before the aircraft departs.

The demonstration involves slipping a lifejacket over my head. This was quite difficult with glasses this was the main reason for getting laser eye surgery done. I had been thinking about laser eye surgery for some time. It seemed a practical solution. I enquired about it and could not believe the price. It is very affordable especially with the monthly repayment plans. It did not take much persuasion - my mind was made up. I decided to go ahead with the laser eye surgery.

I was a bit nervous before the surgery. However, the thought of not having to wear glasses excited me. I had the consultation and the surgery the same day. It was surprising how quick it was. I didn't suffer any pain after the surgery nonetheless my eyes were swollen for couple of days after. Other than that everything was fine. The surgery was a success. I no longer need glasses which makes my life easier at work.