LASEK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Wendy Stephenson

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Aug 1, 2004

I had laser eye treatment on both eyes in March 2002 when I was 22. I was always very keen to have the operation carried out. I had worn glasses since I was 17. I was short-sighted so I had to wear them all the time. I tried to use contact lenses but could never get used to them.

I have a daughter called Amy who is now eight. I yearned to be able to run around with her in the garden, take her swimming and be able to see the other end of the pool, enjoy being able to leave my glasses behind if I went on holiday or out socialising with friends or family.

What made up my mind to contact Optimax? I was on a three month Princes Trust programme and a gentleman called Alex Ewans came to take a Health and Safety course. He had the treatment carried out several months earlier and was able to answer all the questions I had and put any doubts out of my mind.

My mum and I booked the flights to attend the clinic in Glasgow. We left in the morning and came home that same night. The clinic was nice and clean inside and the people who worked there were extremely friendly and helpful. I must admit that I felt nervous before hand, however reading the books in the waiting area about other people who had had it done made me look forward to the results afterwards.

As I was leaving, Optimax put a patch over one eye and left the other eye uncovered. I got back my full sight back after three days of resting in the house. I stayed out of the sunlight and away from the television. I took a week of work as I worked for a company doing data entry to give my eyes a break from the VDU, I also had a break from driving.

Before I started driving again I went out of the car with my Dad and I couldn't believe how clear and from how far I could read the road signs and license plates.

It has been more then three years now since I had the procedure carried out and I have told people about it. I would recommend to anyone considering laser eye surgery to get in touch with Optimax. I make yearly visits to my local opticians and on my last visit in October 2004 my test showed I have 20/20 vision in one eye and almost 20/20 vision in the other.