Laser Eye Surgery - Christine's story

photo of 'LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Christine Reid' photo of 'LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Christine Reid'

Aug 1, 2004

I had been short sighted since the age of ten, wearing glasses with strong lenses until age 21, then I progressed to contact lenses for the next 27 years. I had to cease wearing the latter because of an infection caused by prolonged use and so reverted back to glasses, by now - varifocals. It had always been my dream that an operation would "cure" my handicap, this of course came true but initially too expensive for me to contemplate. (This was in the days when it was around £5000 per eye!)

Eventually, the operation came within my financial range and I was recommended to Optimax in 2001, at the age of 53. The pre-operative sight tests and information were extremely efficient and thorough, the procedure painless and swift. The staff were so kind and helpful and put me completely at my ease, (although the valium did help!) I emerged from the clinic in Albert Square, Manchester a mere hour after the actual operation on both eyes and was able to read names on buildings and advertisements on taxis and buses immediately.

This was in spite of the protective covers, which resembled flies' eyes. All the way home I read out loud everything I could see, I was so excited. It is hard to describe the feeling - there isn't much that comes close to being able to see properly after forty-three years of only being able to see a few inches in front of my face. I have heard of others experiencing some discomfort or pain, but can honestly say I suffered no pain whatsoever.

My life was transformed that moment. Apart from the usual revelations like being able to see the bedside clock and identify the correct shampoo in the shower being able to take my grandchildren swimming by myself and see them clearly, more than six inches away, is one of my greatest joys. Three months after my operation, I married again - being a little vain, I thought the photo's were better without glasses.

We then went trekking in the Himalayas, elephant trekking in the jungle and white water rafting in Nepal. It was great throwing myself into these activities with gusto and not to have to worry about breaking or losing glasses in such difficult terrain. We have since been whale watching in Canada, had a go at snorkeling in Egypt and exploring Jordan by jeep and donkey.

My quality of life is greatly enhanced - on a clear day, I can see forever.