LASEK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Corinne Galzy

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Aug 1, 2004

I had been wondering for a while whether I needed glasses. Things just weren't so clear anymore and when I eventually had my eyes tested and chose some glasses (after a long time deliberating) it was like looking at a different world.

I wore my glasses for about a year, I didn't mind them but just sometimes they got on the way and on my holiday to Mexico I couldn't see a thing clearly without them. They stayed in the safe for the 2 weeks and I struggled on without them - it was pure vanity but I wasn't going to be on a Caribbean beach with specs on! I waited until the following year and then decided to do something about it.

I had seen adverts for Optimax and had gathered all the information that I needed to make a decision as to whether to go for a consultation. We were planning our last holiday to Mexico in May, before trying for a baby. So in March I booked my consultation at the Manchester Optimax clinic.

The ladies on the desk were lovely to talk to and it was all very calming inside. I had all the tests and then saw the consultant who said that I was a good candidate. I was thrilled but nervous; I decided that I didn't need any more time to think about it - I'd done that for months! I wasn't really nervous but sat in the chair, still held on tight to the assistants hand. I didn't feel a thing and it was over and done so quickly.

I did expect pain and must admit for the first night it did hurt, but I rested for three days and after about a week my sight was a lot clearer.

As the weeks went by my sight got clearer and clearer and I began to read things on signs and buildings that I could never have seen before. I can even read the teletext! The one problem before having this treatment was the weekly shopping trips. I could never find my husband when he disappeared off down the aisle. We used to phone each other when I couldn't see him! Now thanks, no chance of chatting to the wrong man next to me, as my vision is 20/20 and its wonderful.

I have now had a baby, he's four months old and I cannot imagine having to wear glasses as he yanks my hair in his little fists - my glasses wouldn't have stood a chance with him. Thank you for making everyday life so much easier! It was affordable and fantastic that there were no hidden charges. I also felt at ease to call the clinic if I had any questions.