Djalenga Scott - LASIK

photo of 'LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Djalenga Scott

The treatment has made a massive difference to my life. It just makes everything clearer and easier – I didn’t realise how much I was missing out on.

Before treatment everything a few yards away was a blur. I didn’t get on with lenses or glasses so I just coped without.

The surgery was painless and I didn’t realise I’d see so well so quickly, and the staff made me feel as comfortable as possible the whole way through.

Now it’s incredible how much I can see, it’s just fantastic.

I’ve recommended it to everyone I know who wears glasses or lenses, and I don’t know why I didn’t have the treatment done sooner. It’s all I’m talking about at the moment!"

I feel so much more confident now, and so much more involved in life. It’s as if I’ve had an upgrade – you feel like yourself but so much better!