LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Kathryn McClusker

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Aug 1, 2004

In 1985 I worked for an international airline (British Airways Plc) as Cabin Crew on Long haul services. Some of the flights I operated could be as much as 12 to 14 hours with poor humidity on board. I wore soft lens back then and often my eyes would become sore and dry during the flight but even worse I would arrive at my destination with red, painful, bloodshot eyes.

Not only was it uncomfortable and at times painful it also looked very unattractive and I was concerned I may be doing my eyes some long-term damage. I had even had a few cases of conjunctivitis. The decision to have Lasik wasn't taken for purely cosmetic reasons but I was also concerned about the health implications on my short and long-term sight.

When I first heard about Lasik it was a new procedure and little was known about it. I did as much research as possible and after thinking long and hard I bit the bullet and made my appointment at the Lasik clinic in Swiss Cottage.

Before the Treatment

I was very nervous initially going into the clinic but the staffs were friendly and very reassuring. They sent me a video of the procedure and lots of reading material, which really helped. Everything was explained to me very clearly and I was in no doubt about what was going to happen.

The Doctor and nurse were very caring and could see I was a bit nervous and the nurse was lovely and held my hand whilst the treatment was being carried out.

I had no reason to be nervous, as it wasn't at all painful. As I was mildly short sighted my procedure was pretty straight forward although I could only have one eye treated and had to return in 6 weeks to have the second one done.

After theTreatment

It was amazing how quickly I could see. I had to keep a pad on for a few days but once it came off my sight was perfect. I feel all too often people with vision take their sight for granted. I was over the moon to see the difference it made to my life.

How it has changed my life

I carried on flying for another 6 years and it was great not to dread getting on board the aircraft and worrying about my eyes becoming sore and bloodshot. I was able to enjoy my time down route and at home as my eyes were healthy and it just made me feel so good. I lead a full and active life.

I ride my horse (which was always a bit dangerous if I wore glasses), wear eye make up without getting grease on my lenses and now look forward to my holidays when I fly.

I had my treatment well over 10 years ago and I know that some people talk of not knowing the long term effects of Lasik but my eye sight is as good as it was 10 years ago when I first had the treatment.