LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Lesley Nugent

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Aug 1, 2004

My wedding was booked for May 2005 and in January I decided I didn't want to wear glasses on the day. I have worn them since the age of nine and was blind as a bat without them but couldn't wear contacts as they made my eyes sore and with astigmatism could never get a perfect prescription.

My fiancé said he would treat me to eye surgery as an early wedding present so the following month I rang Optimax and made enquiries. I was invited to go for a consultation and was told I was suitable for surgery but because I was 47 I may need reading glasses for close work.

I was given an appointment for just two weeks later. The surgery lasted 20 minutes and I walked out of the clinic able to see without my glasses. I felt beautiful on my wedding day and on our honeymoon I was able to snorkel and wear designer sunglasses.

Two things I have never done. My friends say I am more confident and to go with my new look I have had dental treatment, highlights in my hair and I lost weight. I love the new me and I wish I had it done years ago.