LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Nargis Ara

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Aug 1, 2004

I've had the same morning routine for years. Wake up, dawdle into the kitchen, switch the kettle on, amble into the bathroom, shower, start brushing teeth, glance over at the clock, Doh! Can't see! Go pick up glasses from the bedside table, then s@** look at the time…. On Saturday 31st March I woke up feeling a bit weary and apprehensive with alien plastic covers taped over my eyes.

Very slowly and cautiously I removed the blinkers and headed straight for the bathroom. I had a long, thorough look at the blood-shot whites of my eyes in the mirror, reflecting on how sore they looked and surprised that there was no pain, swelling or bruising on the outside.

Started brushing my teeth and automatically glanced over at the clock. Oh-my-god, oh wow, I could see…, I could see the clock! It was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life. I suddenly wanted to jump around, find the phone and tell someone.

A week later the whites were white again a few more weeks my vision was stable and perfect. I had been thinking about getting laser sight correction for more than 15 years but was too much of a coward. After all it "Is My Eye Sight". What if something went wrong? What were the long term effects? "Let the doctors get more practice on other people and wait and see if there are any disasters reported in the long term". I had decided.

Gradually I would hear of more and more people having it done. Most had only positive things to say about it but I was only concerned about the negatives, the risk, the side effects. Following thorough investigation, the main complaints I heard were… "it didn't work fully on me - my eyesight is better but I still have to wear glasses for driving" or "it worked better on one than the other" and "my night vision is now worse than it was when I had it done".

I knew that it wouldn't work for everyone but what I really wanted to make sure of was whether there would be any severe, long term, detrimental side effects and to ensure that my vision would not get worse rather than better. I had three consultations to compare and contrast on the procedures.

Two of these were advertising on TV and the prices seemed very reasonable. The third was one which I had heard of a long time ago and knew some people that had theirs done there called Optimax. I found that the prices in all three clinics were very similar. Beware that the actual cost of treatment will always be much higher than the "starting from" prices that are advertised.

These prices usually refer to a prescription which is so small that it does not need laser correction. I made my decision to go with Optimax because I did not feel like I was being sold to. The company seemed to have more of a clinical approach to my treatment and had also been established for the longest time.

They gave me all the information, explained the procedure including risks and side effects so I could make an informed decision which instead of putting me off, this actually increased my confidence. I am genuinely overjoyed with my eyesight now, and love the fact that my eyes no longer feel tired in the evenings from over-wearing contact lenses.

I certainly don't miss the grooves between my eyes ingrained by my glasses, and feel I've been liberated from the chore of packing contact lenses, contact lens solutions, and glasses every time I want to spend a night away from home.

Although this does now mean that I've lost the ability to make the excuse "sorry, I can't stay over I don't have my contact lens replacement/solution with me.