Monovision Eye Surgery Review by Olivea Ebanks



“I had monovision treatment because I was approaching the age of 50, and vision correction was one of the things I hadn’t got round to doing.

As someone who does a lot of public speaking, Monovision was perfect for me as it allowed me to look at my notes while also looking at the audience, without fiddling with glasses in between. After years of wearing glasses I really enjoy being able to do this work without the irritation of glasses.

The staff at Optimax were very friendly and encouraging and listened incredibly well to what I wanted. They were very good at explaining what my treatment options were, which helped me make an informed decision. The treatment itself was a very comfortable experience. The doctor who treated me put me at ease, and gave me the right amount of information about what was happening, and I was very happy with the service I received from him.

The contrast between my vision before surgery and my vision now is miraculous. Being able to see the world without the obstacle of glasses is amazing – the clarity of my vision now is spectacular. It’s very inspiring to see the world unaided and I drive my friends mad talking about it. I’m happier with myself and feel more glamorous since having treatment. Being able to get up and see straight away in the morning is just fantastic”.