LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Pearl Scott

photo of 'LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Pearl Scott


"My experience before having my surgery at Optimax was dealing with contact lenses mainly, which I had to put in just to apply makeup. Even simple things like finding the right bottle in the shower were difficult.

I had the treatment done because I’m an active person, and love sports and dance classes. Having to do those things with lenses or glasses was a real hindrance.

I was really well looked after by the staff at Optimax and knew what to expect at each stage. Everything was explained in a way that made sense to me, and the fact that staff were happy for me to speak to past patients really put me at ease.

It’s great not to have to deal with lenses or glasses now and it means I can live my life much more spontaneously, go dancing or stay out late without worrying about how long I’ve left lenses in for. I definitely feel more confident, because I’m not hiding behind the glasses, or dealing with lenses, which is an amazing feeling."