LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Tim Culley

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Aug 1, 2004

The professionalism and warmth of all the staff at Optimax, from the optometrists to the receptionists to the surgeons, made me feel completely safe and confident in their ability. Any anxiety was soon dispelled and replaced by a calm, excited anticipation of what was about to take place.

Throughout the consultation the various tests were explained fully to keep my curious mind at rest. This continued during the procedure where Dr Patel was clear and descriptive about what he was doing, but most of all, calming.

I could feel nothing at all throughout the operation, and was only asked to focus on some pretty flickering 'Christmas lights'! Each eye took only a few minutes to work on, and in no time at all I was sat up on the couch looking around with my new, if a little 'foggy', eyes! I was quite capable of strolling back to my hotel in a pair of sunglasses, where I rested up for the afternoon.

My operation was at 10.30am and I dozed in my room until I went to dinner at 7.00pm that evening. Every hour that went past between the procedure and dinner, I was greeted with yet clearer sight.

By dinnertime I had about 90% vision, and when I woke up the following morning I had the clearest vision I have ever had in my eyes and not a trace of discomfort!