LASEK Eye Surgery Review By Marianne Marston

Aug, 2010

I'm a professional boxer for me that means obviously I have fights but everyday I'm training for a couple hours a day in the gym and then about 45 minutes running.

Professional boxing - when you apply for your licence you have to have a medical which is a fair comment and as part of that medical is an eye sight test, and my eyes were just outside of what's permitted visual.

I realised that to presume my dream I was going to have to take the next step so I spoke to Optimax to find out whether they could do my prescription because I wasn't even sure if they would be able to do that and it turned out they could, and that was an absolute miracle from my point of view.

The first check up was four days after the procedure and basically they said I could have driven home if I wanted to, my eye sight was legal to drive at that point which was amazing. I was told recovery was quick but I didn't expect it that dramatic, that quick.

I can't believe I hadn't looked into it earlier really not just because of the boxing, just because.

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