Laser Eye Sugery Review by Monty Halls

January, 2010

Photography and filming play a huge role in what I do and for that you need good vision. A lot of the work I do it trying to photograph big animals in the marine environment and to film big animals in the marine environment. It's a miraculous feeling actually to be freed of that burden of worrying about lenses all the time. The major benefit for me of Laser Eye Surgery is two fold one is the lack of admin of having Eye Surgery means no more contact lenses, I don't use solution, I don't have to find things in the morning, I save myself time every morning and every evening. I think its confidence as well it's allowing me to do things like go surfing, diving, ruby and skiing there all sort of very active sports, and to know I can go into them with 100% confidence about my vision is very significant indeed, its one less thing to worry about, so its had quite a profound impact really in that respect.

Monty Halls, BBC Presenter and Marine Biologist, had LASEK laser eye treatment in Jan, 2010. Treated by Dr Mughal at Optimax Bristol Laser Eye Surgery Clinic.

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