Laser Eye Review by Nicola Tombs

March, 2008

No, I think it's improved my confidence, definitely. Because I was never comfortable wearing glasses before, I couldn't find a style that suited me. So, it's that aspect.. Just going swimming is not an issue, because before you're wandering around the swimming pool, you can't really see, because you haven't got your glasses on. I see better because I had Wavefront done on my eyes, so that's improved my night vision when I've been, when I'm driving. Because before the lights of the other cars used to dazzle me. So, definitely that's improved. So, I'm glad I had that done as well.

Nicola Tombs, Financial Manager, had Wavefront LASIK laser eye treatment in Mar, 2008. Treated by Dr Khurshid in Optimax Bristol Laser Eye Clinic.

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