IntraLase Wavefront LASIK By Nina McClean

Dec, 2008

The biggest benefit for me, from having the treatment, is not having to wear my glasses for when I'm driving. I remember the day after I had my treatment, I was able to look out of the window of my house and read the car registration up the street from me, and I was never able to do that before. So, that was the point when I realised that it had been a success.

I felt the Optimax staff were very professional in their manner, put me at ease before and after the surgery and were just a pleasure to work with. The staff met every expectation I had, answered all my questions and put me at ease throughout.

I would sum up my whole experience with Optimax as something that I've recommended to a lot of people that have enquired, whether they should get the surgery done or not. I think it's definitely benefited me and I'm sure there's plenty more people out there who can benefit from it as well.

All our success stories are volunteered by Optimax patients who are so delighted with results of their treatment that they wanted to share their experience with others.

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