LASIK Review by Alpa Patel

Alpa Patel


Alpa did not like wearing glasses and over time suffered from dry eyes, so could only wear contact lenses for short periods of time.

She finally decided to have laser eye surgery three years ago and says the treatment has been life changing.

The main reason for having laser refractive surgery was because I became intolerant to my contact lenses. This was due to my eyes being dry.

Over the years I became intolerant to my contact lenses for shorter periods of time and did not like wearing spectacles. I enjoy snowboarding and found this was incompatible with wearing glasses.

I finally decided to opt for laser eye surgery three years ago. My vision was as good as with spectacles the day after treatment.

The actual procedure was not painful and completed very quickly. I feel that having this treatment has been life changing as I do not have to worry about my eyesight when taking part in sports or social activities. I just wish I had it done sooner.