LASEK Review by Barrie Collins

Barrie Collins

Apr 2002, Optometrist

Working at Optimax and seeing first hand the results of a large number of laser eye treatments, Barrie was so impressed that he decided to take the plunge himself in 1992.

As an Optometrist conducting eye examinations for a living, I was apprehensive about having laser eye treatment. I was concerned that if I had a less than optimal result I would be reminded of that fact every day.

Yet, having worked at Optimax and seen the results of a large amount of treatments, I was so impressed that I decided to take the plunge.

I was short sighted (-3.50 dioptres) and had a very small amount of astigmatism. I underwent bilateral LASEK treatment in April 2002 and the result easily met my demanding expectations. I had 20/20 vision in each eye within a week and that remains the case today.

I now take my excellent vision for granted. Yet on occasions, getting up in the night or when I'm swimming or scuba diving, I am reminded of how difficult things were as a myope dependant upon glasses and contact lenses.

Patients that I advise as being good candidates for laser treatment are reassured that I practise what I preach.