PRK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Beata McManus

Beata MacSweeney-General Manager

1994, Optimax Managing Director

Beata started working at Optimax in 1992 but it took until 1994 for her to pluck up the courage to have laser eye surgery. It was hearing the positive comments from happy Optimax patients that persuaded her and now she says it's the best thing she has done.

I had PRK treatment in 1994. It is the best thing that I have done as I could not wear contact lenses and my glasses were -5.00!

Although I had worked for Optimax since 1992, it took some time to pluck up the courage to go ahead with the treatment.

I came to my decision after hearing positive comments from many happy patients. I saw how pleased they were and knew that I was making the right decision and haven't looked back since.