LASIK Review by David Clegg

David Clegg-Newcastle Customer Services

Customer Care Team

David says he has never looked back since having laser eye treatment. It has changed life for the the better.

I had worn glasses since school and found them incompatible with many of my hobbies and activities.

I had astigmatism that only allowed me (initially) hard contact lenses, which I found very uncomfortable and eventually I adopted soft tonic lenses, which allowed me to partially banish my glasses, but still was inconvenient. It was never fun taking them out after a heavy night out!

After my treatment, which was a breeze despite the nerves before hand, I have never looked back, and when I do it's in focus! It is just so good to wake up and see the alarm clock. It has changed my life for the better.

I recently attended a motor sport event and did not think twice about taking my crash helmet on and off without having to mess about with glasses.

You could say I have put my life back into focus.