LASIK Review by Helen Woodley

Helen Woodley

Leicester Clinic Manager

Helen says that after undergoing laser eye treatment, she felt as if all her Christmases had come at once and can't thank Optimax enough!

Prior to having LASIK treatment in 2004, I had worn glasses or contact lenses for 25 years.

I can't find any words to describe how I felt the morning after treatment when I woke up and could see the alarm clock perfectly.

Going swimming with my children is a joy now, as I can see them perfectly and no longer get strange looks from other swimmers who wonder why I am wearing steamed up glasses.

Perfect eyesight is something which many people take for granted and, having come through the scenario of gradually deteriorating vision, then being able to see better then ever before, I can honestly say that I made the right decision.

I feel as if all my Christmases have come at once and can't thank Optimax enough.