LASIK Review by Lisa Hollyoak

Lisa Holyoak-Newcastle Customer Services

Customer Services

No more contact solutions, glasses or prescription sunglasses. Lisa says that having laser eye surgery has given her a massive confidence boost.

After working for Optimax for two years struggling with uncomfortable contact lenses, I decided to have the treatment myself. I was as terrified as the patients I'd booked in, but after having the treatment I felt there had been nothing to worry about.

In fact, I was unaware that the treatment has started when it had finished. I had light sensitivity for around an hour after treatment, but then was watching TV the following day.

I popped on a pair of sunglasses to attend my first check up. I had already reached 20/20 vision and now my prescription is better then that. I met a friend who also had treatment the same day as myself who was saying that the procedure was like a 'miracle'.

The biggest benefit for me is when I go on holiday and all I have to worry about is packing a pair of sunglasses. No more contact solutions, glasses or prescription sunglasses. Having this treatment has also given me a massive confidence boost.