LASEK Review by Nick Russell

Nick Russell-IT Manager

2004, IT Manager

Nick has worked at Optimax for over three years. Having worn glasses since the age of six, he says he underestimated the enormous impact laser eye treatment would have on his life.

Now he says that anyone thinking about treatment should go for it... you won't look back!

Having worn glasses since the age of six I underestimated the scale of the impact laser eye treatment would have on my life. Before the treatment I was very short sighted and unable to do anything without glasses or contacts.

Working at Optimax brought me into daily contact with laser eye treatment and, seeing the tremendous benefit to those involved, I decided to take the plunge early in 2004.

Because of thin corneas and my prescription, I had LASEK surgery on one eye at a time. The surgery was very simple (waiting outside was the hardest bit!). It was over quickly and I could see a huge difference immediately.

Within the next few weeks I had good vision but it was not until I had the second eye treated and they had both settled down that I truly began to see the benefits. No more worrying about glasses or contact lenses or solutions.

You constantly have nice reminders that you no longer need glasses, for example watching my hair being cut for the first time or walking into a pub from the cold outside and no glasses to steam up!. I would say to anyone thinking about treatment, go for it, you won't look back!