PRK Laser Eye Surgery Review by Russell Ambrose

Russell Ambrose, Founder of Optimax Laser Eye Surgery Specialists

1992, Optimax Chief Executive

Russell is Chief Executive of Optimax, one of the first companies in the UK to offer laser eye treatment. He was Optimax's first patient and has never had to wear glasses or contact lenses since his treatment. He has spent the last [^tradingYears] years enthusiastically building Optimax, the UK's leading laser eye treatment specialist.

I wore glasses from the age of nine and hated them. At 19 I tried contact lenses but was never comfortable with them either so, when disposable lenses were introduced, I found them much better.

However, they were expensive and I often got sore eyes and were a big nuisance. I investigated the Russian ship style operation but having knives cutting into my eye did not appeal.

Then in September 1989 I heard about laser eye surgery and my ears pricked up. My investigations led me to believe it was a great procedure but unfortunately it was not available commercially. When I did find someone who could perform the procedure, the cost was £2,500 per eye and was located 200 miles away from where I lived.

I immediately thought that if the operation was made affordable and in the South of England it would be a commercial success. Within a few weeks I had formulated my plans and ordered a laser!

It was only a matter of weeks after coming up with the idea that I opened my first clinic, with myself as the first patient! I have not worn glasses since 1992 and during this time Optimax has performed over [^treatmentCount] treatments.

There are now [^clinicNumbers] specialist laser eye clinics nationwide and Optimax has established itself as the market leader in the field of corrective eye surgery.