LASEK Review by Simon Rose

Simon Rose-IT Dev Team Leader

IT Development Leader

Laser Eye Surgery has given Simon a huge amount of freedom as he now doesn't need to worry about losing his glasses or contact lenses while sailing, swimming or scuba diving! Had he known treatment was so reasonably priced, he would have done it years ago!

I have been short sighted and worn glasses since the age of 13. Over the years I have lost several pairs of glasses and umpteen contact lenses while sailing dinghy's, swimming and scuba diving.

Now I don't need to fear the blurred trips home after losing my specs, nor do I need to rely on helpful hints from concerned patrons to find the correct changing rooms in public swimming baths! Laser eye surgery has given me a huge amount of freedom and I would advise anyone considering treatment to use Optimax, the doctors and staff were great.

I waited many years for my treatment, as I was concerned about high prices. Had I known Optimax treatments were so reasonably priced earlier I would have been enjoying my perfect vision years ago.