Laser Eye Surgery Review by Paul Wiltshire

January, 2010

Hiya, my name's Paul Wiltshire. I'm a journalist and keen amateur cyclist. I've competed in time trials and at the track at Herne Hill Velodrome in London. I'm short-sighted with astigmatism. Why have I opted to have Laser Eye Surgery? Basically, when you're cycling, especially contact lenses, they dry out really quickly, especially in the wind. Glasses are constantly slipping down, and basically it takes away from the enjoyment of the activity that I love. I also do other physical sports, such as swimming and running, and these will all be improved by not having to wear glasses or contact lenses. I've got my surgery tomorrow, at Optimax in Croydon; bit nervous, but they've assured me it will all be OK. Looking forward to it and I've got, my surgery is with Dr Hoe. He's done many many surgeries and he's been with the company since 2002, so everything should be OK. I will check back tomorrow and let you know how it all went. Hi, this is day after surgery. As you can see, I can see! -which is wonderful. Surgery went really well. Dr Hoe was really really good. Surgery itself is completely pain-free. It's a little bit of a strange experience, but it is pain-free, and is over very very quickly. After surgery, I had to wear dark glasses for my journey home, and I just went home and slept basically. But waking up this morning, opening my eyes and being able to see across the room, it's just, just amazing. It's like seeing the world in high definition; love it. So, highly recommend it.

Paul Wiltshire, Journalist and Club Cyclist, had IntraLase Wavefront LASIK laser eye treatment in Jan, 2010. Treated by Dr Hoe at Optimax Croydon Laser Eye Clinic.

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