Laser Eye Surgery Review by Paula Hawkins

April, 2009

I've got a 5 year old, so it's really really great because when we've been on holiday, recently, I was able to sit by the pool and watch her playing, in the kiddies pool rather than have to keep getting up, put my glasses on, or sitting in the pool with her, I could sit back a bit and just watch her. So that's been good. And I've been able to take her swimming which has just made such a difference because otherwise I wouldn't, I wasn't able to without wearing my glasses, then they got splashed. If I wore my lenses, and they got wet, it's just a big rigmarole really. The single biggest benefit is being able to do things with my little girl really. Just, being able to watch her play from a distance, or being able to do activities like the swimming and things like that. And it sounds really daft, but getting in the shower and being able to see your shampoo.

Paula Hawkins, Nurse, had IntraLase Wavefront LASIK laser eye treatment in Apr, 2009. Treated by Dr Madhusudhan at Optimax Manchester Laser Eye Clinic.

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