Laser Eye Surgery Review by Simon Ambrose

July, 2004

In 2007 I went on the Apprentice, and I won, and I worked for Alan Sugar doing commercial property management for three years. When you're running around working day and night working for Lord Sugar you don't really want to be rubbing your eyes or have lenses falling out so it certainly helped on that front, the fact that I had my eyes lasered. The 'wow' factor I guess was immediate, it was fantastic. I noticed the benefits of the treatment pretty much straight away as I walked out of the treatment room I was kind of looking around in disbelief that everything was clear straight away and the benefits were accrued from then on. I live a fast paced life, I'm often trying to be in lots of different places at once and the last thing I want to be doing is messing around with lenses or glasses in the morning or in the afternoon if one of them falls out or if my eye gets irritated etc. So one of the major benefits of having the treatment for me is it's freed up a little bit of my day in my diary, it allows me to focus on the things that are more important to me.

Simon Ambrose, Winner of The Apprentice 2007, had LASEK laser eye treatment in Jul, 2004. Treated by Dr Almasri at Optimax London Laser Eye Surgery Clinic.

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