Wavefront LASEK Review By Tom Lydon

Jul, 2010

Hello, my name is Tom I'm a music journalist and this is the Royal Albert hall. This is the highlight of my year, this is the proms, this is Beethoven symphony performance, we just had the first half which was awesome but this is the really big one were going in for 'Ode to joy', this is Beethoven's master work.

And in my job in writing about music I go to a lot of these, and it's important for me to obviously be able to hear the music, but most importantly for me to be able to see what's going on and the whole cognitive experience.

Right now I can tell you that without my glasses I can see every detail on this building here, all the sculpture, all that stuff that Prince Albert had commissioned for this building and this is how it came to happen, because I'm telling you a month ago I wouldn't have been able to see any of this, it would have been one big brick coloured Victorian blur, so here goes.

Well here I am at the Finchley Road branch of Optimax, there we go. Now I have a lot of faith in this Laser Eye Treatment but I have to say I'm getting a little bit anxious, and having a think while I'm here. Will I ever see the majestic blue of the Bath Store ever again? The Oriental Star, The London Art shop? Will I ever go to Habitat and be able to have a living room like Bjorn Borg? Well, take it in while you can.

Ok I literally just come out of Laser Eye Surgery (Wavefront LASEK), I was in there for a while I was talking to the doctors for a while before hand just about signing consent forms and stuff like that, them explaining all the different factors and their risk but literally one minute ago under the laser and your straight out and now to go home and mooch around a lot in the dark.

Ok here I am 20 hours in, I've taken the medication as I was meant to, the eyes do sting a bit but I've just had a hearty lunch of fried chicken, which I can hearty recommend to get the eyes grown back again. Anyway I can't do any washing up because it's right in front of a big window and I'm very sensitive to light so that was an unexpected bonus.

Ok day two I guess I'm something like 40 hours in now, feeling much better. I still have to wear the shades but I can have the light on now and a couple of windows open, which is great. The main problem is at night time at the moment I have to wear these things, so I'm not clawing at my face and to damage the eyes at night, and there kind of taped on so sometimes if your eyes are watering you can't kind of scratch it which has been bad but I was given some sleeping pills, so that's been fine really.

It's just dealing with the boredom now mainly. I'm not been able to read yet which means I can't read any of this trash yet which is quite annoy neither can I read my Neil Stephenson book which is quite annoying too. I can watch videos which is ok but it's still a bit blobby. If you come in here what you can hear is 'Richard Vaughan', which is to me a sound to end all sounds.

When I was at university and I was ill I would always sit down with a Vaughan opera to listen to and read through on the score and it would just pass the hours for me, but ever since I've got interested in the extended opera cycle, actually what I'm edging more towards now is seeing how I can get on with my Rocky box set, so this is my life really at the moment, are we going to have more Vaughan or Rocky…yeah welcome to more world.

What I'm also enjoying is being able to focus on increasingly smaller things, although I can't read yet. This tiny, tiny tomato if giving me quite a lot of joy now, I'm relying on small, precious things for my moments of happiness.

Ok now I'm going to talk you through my box of tricks that I have to play with here. Let's start here on the right we have my refresh pills, here we go, and these are not pills at all but are capsules in fact, which you can rip off and dab in your eye if they need a little bit of moisture because I still can't get water directly on my eyes.

This bit here we'll pass over that's some improvised home pain relief because I actually have these famous burthen pill, how we doing, yep there we go, which you take one every 12 hours and they keep me nicely doped up. Extra to that is two different sorts of eye drops, yellow ones to be taken every two hours until I get my bandage contact lenses taken off which they left on my eyes, then these bad boys join the party as well, you have to put all of them in your eyes twice a day.

This box, intriguingly just says 'pain' on it and this is the real sort of quick fix pain relief, you can see there all in little intimating plastic looking things. If your eyes are stinging it gives you about ten minutes of pain relief. This is the tape, to tape the plastic guard onto my face at night, which takes us to the sleeping pills which have been working brilliantly.

Ok day three after Laser Eye Surgery, feeling much better well enough to have a shave which is great because I will look much nicer, but I'm still not allowed to get water in my eyes so hence the goggles. I went back to Finchley Road today to have the bandage contact lenses removed so all together feeling a lot more human, so here goes.

So it's the end of day four after Laser Eye Surgery, I had the contact lens bandages out yesterday and I'm feeling much better today than I did. As you can see no shades, lights on all fine, vision is still blurry but it was ok enough to watch a film, but wasn't ok enough so I could see the right amount of popcorn to put in the pan, and now I have a whole house full of popcorn.

Otherwise feeling much better, I've reduced my box of tricks, I don't need the pain killers anymore and just down to two sets of drops which I have a tick sheet to do and so admin is going much easier. Feeling much better, hopefully tomorrow when I start back to work I will be able to focus on my screen without having it right in front of me, but yeah I will report back on how that goes.

Ok day five after Laser Eye Surgery, until now I've been wearing these shades which are rubbish but I bought them right before the operation, and they were cheap. So today, it being pay day I spent pretty much, I'd say a quarter of my take home pay on these, let's have a look, yep there still too big, frankly I think I look better in these, which are my wife's shades and they look better on me than the millionaire shades.

Anyway, I feel great vision is a still bit blurry typing on the computer today; I was at work today but on the down side I went to the cinema and two Spanish boys were laughing at me because I was wearing my shades in the toilet.

Ok it's exactly 2 weeks now since I had Wavefront LASEK, I've just been back to Optimax and apparently I'm a whisker away from the 20:20 vision correction without my glasses, so this is great news. I am totally legal to drive, best thing is I don't have to wear these anymore when I sleep which makes me look a bit like the evil dad out of the film 'Paper House' so that's good, the look is bad.

Apparently with LASEK which is what I had it takes a little bit longer to recover like I said, but my eyes are just to carry on getting better apparently and it takes at least a month for them to fully heal. The stuff the laser did is still healing and that's scattering sunlight when it comes in or something technical, so another two weeks really until I'll know full well if I can melt small bits of fruit and see peoples thoughts and stuff like that.

Seriously I was just driving home through Battersea Park from Finchley Road, Battersea Park is just on the flight path to Heathrow Airport and we get planes over all the time and there was a BA plane that looked quite big overhead and I don't know what height they fly at over Battersea Park, but I swear to you I was wearing my shades, the millionaire shades and I could see the red and the blue colours on the tail fin bit of it, so that is a result for me but we will see how I am in two weeks.

Ok, I'm done I've just had my six week aftercare and I've hit the 20:20 barrier head on, eye sight is brilliant I can drive no problem, I can walk around at night, it's an absolute pleasure to just walk around especially over the bridges in London see how far I can see look at the buildings far off, the detail is just incredible to me. I can see all the stuff that I looked at before, the Oriental Star, the blue of the Bath Store, the colours are just much better to me.

It really has been a changing experience and I have to say I'm well pleased with it, I would recommend it to anyone.

So that's what happened and Beethoven here we come, take it away proms.

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