Cataract Eye Surgery - Multifocal IOL

Multifocal IOL video

Unlike monofocal lenses, these lenses could eliminate the need for reading glasses. They are the most popular choice for the correction of presbyopia (need for reading glasses) and cataract. Multifocal lenses can "turn the clock back" to restore much of your ability to see up close and at distance, in both bright light and low light situations. Our range of advanced Multifocals includes the ReZoom and Tecnis Multifocal lenses.

Multifocal IOL - Overview

Treating cataracts is quick, simple and painless. Cataract surgery was revolutionized when ultrasound and plastic lens implant technology were combined. Today, after decades of development and according to the World Health Organisation, cataract surgery is considered one of the safest surgeries performed with millions of successful procedures completed every year around the world.


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