Laser Eye Surgery IntraLase® LASIK Video

Laser Eye Surgery IntraLase® LASIK - Step 1. Creating the flap

This new state-of-the-art laser creates the LASIK flap without the need for a blade in just 18 seconds. The flap is very precise in both thickness and formation. The introduction of IntraLase® LASIK is the biggest step forward in quality and safety since LASIK was first introduced into the UK in 1996.


Benefits of having IntraLase® LASIK treatment:

  1. The opportunity, when combined with Wavefront, of improving your vision to a higher standard than is achievable with glasses or standard treatment. More patients achieve 20:20 vision or better with this technology compared to standard LASIK.
  2. Flap complications caused by a blade are eliminated, improving short-term safety.
  3. By creating thinner and more consistent flaps, your eyes retain maximum structural strength, ensuring improved long-term safety.
  4. IntraLase® enables even faster healing and recovery rates than standard methods of flap creation.

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