Ask a patient: Ginny Lemon’s laser eye surgery

14 June 2022

Author: Kate Green

Ginny Lemon LASIK

Ginny Lemon visits Optimax for LASIK


Earlier this year, we treated the wonderful Ginny Lemon with LASIK surgery. Ginny is a singer-songwriter and drag artist who had relied on glasses for more than 20 years. With such a busy lifestyle involving lots of TV work, travel and performing, they found glasses were a huge inconvenience. They visited our Birmingham clinic a few months ago and, once they were found suitable for laser eye surgery, they started their journey to clear vision with us.


Ginny was kind enough to sit down with us and talk about their motivations for wanting treatment, how the recovery process was, and what life is like living without glasses or contact lenses.


What made you want to get laser eye surgery?


I have always wanted it – I’ve been wearing glasses since I was around 13 so I just had to get used to wearing them. The main things in life I wanted to do without glasses were swimming, going on rollercoasters, and lying down watching a film with my face half smushed into a pillow. I always felt a pinch of sadness I couldn’t do all those things.


How strong was your prescription prior to surgery?


-3.25 and -3.00. This level of prescription meant that Ginny relied on glasses throughout the day for every task from reading to watching TV.


What was the Optimax experience like in our Birmingham clinic?


Absolutely amazing! I am so impressed by how welcoming, friendly and professional all of the staff were. They are always there to give me all the information I needed and to answer any questions, no matter how silly, like how long do have to wait to get an eye lash tint or to go to a pool party! It was a lovely open, bright, spacious and clean clinic. Bonus for great parking!


How was your recovery process?


Honestly, the first few hours after the procedure were intense, but I found the best thing to do was to come home and go to sleep. I slept and rested for a few hours and once everything was calmer and I could glimpse into the night stars, I knew it had been worth it and I had made the right decision. After a few weeks of care, drops and night shields, the results are more than I ever expected.


How has life changed after treatment?


For the first time in over 20 years, I don’t pick up my glasses every morning when I wake up. I can see my loved ones’ faces from across the room. I spend a lot more time staring at trees and leaves and the absolute best bit is that I get to lie down, do absolutely nothing but snack and watch a film with my face half smushed into a pillow.


What made you choose Optimax?


I wanted somewhere local, so I could be closer to home and I had heard marvellous reports about the staff at the Birmingham clinic. It was conveniently located but they also offered access to and appointments in any Optimax clinic in the UK due to my busy work schedule. Also, after making my initial enquiries, the response was quick and professional providing useful information. I found the Optimax team were customer care focused and not sales focused, which is what you want. When you are working on something as intimate as your eyes, you want to know they have your best interests at heart.


Thanks so much to Ginny for sharing this with us!


If you are interested in vision correction treatment with us, you can learn more on our dedicated laser eye surgery page here. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to give us a call on 0800 093 1110 or drop us an email at We look forward to welcoming you to your nearest Optimax clinic soon!


Image credit: Em Jones (@emwajones)

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