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Patient Journey



Patient Journey

Optimax is dedicated to providing our patients with an unparalleled experience, from the initial consultation through the treatment day and onto comprehensive aftercare. Discover what awaits you when you choose Optimax for your journey towards optimal vision.


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Before You Visit

Contact Lens Wearers

Long term use of contact lenses can affect the surface of the eye and must be removed before your consultation and treatment. Eye tests can be inaccurate if you have not removed your lenses for long enough before the examination. If the effects of wearing contact lenses are still evident on the eye at consultation, even after removal, our Optometrist may advise a longer period of removal before an accurate eye test can be obtained.

Type of Lens Lens Removal*
Soft / Disposable / Toric 2 days prior
Extended Wear 1 week prior
Hard / Gas Permeable 1 week prior

* Lens removal time prior to consultation or surgery.



First Visit

Your Free Consultation

Your consultation starts with a thorough eye examination involving a series of specialised eye tests. We will take automated tests of your eyes, which include digital imaging of the eye, computer measured glasses prescription, corneal thickness, OPD Wavefront analysis, iris recognition and internal eye pressure tests.

Consultations are subject to a booking deposit (£10 weekdays, £30 weekends) this is refundable after attending the consultation.




These examinations are performed at your consultation free of charge. None involve physical contact with your eye.

Your Surgeon Assessment

If after your initial consultation you wish to proceed with treatment, you will then be booked in for an assessment with your treating surgeon.

You will meet your treating surgeon 1-2 weeks prior to your surgery. At the appointment, the surgeon will examine your eyes and confirm the best lens for you. This is based on your lifestyle, prescription, age, and overall eye health. You are also encouraged to ask any questions you have for the surgeon at this appointment.




On your treatment day you are required to attend with someone to accompany you and take you home as your vision will likely be blurry and not safe for driving. Before treatment, you will see the surgeon again who will check your eyes for a final time.

You will also complete a medication talk with your Patient Advisor and discuss your individual aftercare plan, with the specific medicines and instructions. Following this, you will be taken into the treatment room to meet the registered general nurse and surgeon assistants.

Laser Eye Surgery

Lens Surgery


Laser Eye Surgery

You will be in the treatment room for no longer than 15 minutes, although the lasers only take 20 seconds to create the corneal flap (for LASIK treatment only) and a further 30-50 seconds for the actual laser treatment.

You will then be given your final medications and taken into the consultation room to see your optometrist again. This is where they will conduct a final check on your eyes and confirm that they are happy for you to leave the clinic.

Your aftercare appointments are the next time you will be back in the clinic, and when this is will vary depending on whether you had LASIK or LASEK treatment.

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Lens Surgery

Lens surgery can be performed on both eyes on the same day, one procedure after the other. Alternatively, if you would prefer, you can have your eyes treated on separate days. On your treatment days you will need someone to accompany you and take you home as your vision will likely be blurry and not safe for driving.

The operation takes approximately 20 minutes. The eyelid is held open and surgery is carried out under a microscope. Treatment is painless and you are fully awake during the procedure. A mild sedative can be taken to make the surgery as stress-free as possible, which can be obtained from your GP beforehand.

Once your surgery is completed the eye is covered with a shield. You are advised to rest at the clinic for about 30 minutes before going home. After a few hours the anaesthetic wears off and you may feel mild discomfort in the eye, which should fade within 36 hours. Your Optimax surgeon will prescribe eye drops and medication to take home, together with written instructions on how to use them.

Your aftercare appointments are the next time you will be back in the clinic, and they are included in the treatment cost until you are discharged with a satisfactory result.

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We believe that continuity is an important part of the Optimax treatment pathway, so your treating doctor will be actively involved in your aftercare.

You will be seen on the day after surgery at your consultation clinic, so an overnight stay at a local hotel may be necessary. Your next appointment will then take place one week following your surgery. The doctor will examine your eyes and assess your individual needs.

For more detailed information about patient journey, treatments and aftercare programmes.

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