What is Lens Surgery?

Lens Surgery covers two separate treatments: Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL), and Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE, also known as Lens Replacement). ICL surgery simply involves placing an artificial contact lens into your eye to correct your prescription. RLE surgery involves removing your eye’s natural lens and replacing it with either a Monofocal lens or Multifocal lens.

Lens Surgery

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Lens Surgeons

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Our surgeons are qualified medical practitioners with a special interest, and decades of experience, in refractive surgery.

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Types of Lenses

Custom made lenses for your prescription.

We offer many types of lenses and the best option for you is determined by your lifestyle and prescription.

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Aftercare for Lens Surgery

One year free aftercare for Lens Surgery

We want to ensure that you are satisfied with the results of your procedure and with your overall Optimax experience.

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Lens Surgery FAQs

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Chances are it’s been asked before, so check our FAQs for answers to the essential things you need to know.

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Lens Surgery at Optimax

At Optimax we offer two types of Lens Surgery, these are Refractive Lens exchange (RLE) and Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL). Both types of treatment involve the insertion of an artificial lens, known as an intraocular lens because it is placed inside the eye (commonly abbreviated as IOL). These treatments can correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Refractive lens exchange (RLE)

Refractive lens is the same surgical procedure as cataract treatment. It is generally suitable for patients over the age of 40. During this treatment the natural lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens.

Each lens is especially selected for the patient to ensure the best possible visual outcome. This procedure can correct Presbyopia (the need for reading glasses) if a multifocal lens is used (see Types of Lenses). An added advantage of this treatment is that a cataract cannot form at a later stage.

Implantable contact lenses (ICL)

Implantable contact lenses are also known as Phakic IOL. This treatment is generally recommended for patients under the age of 40, who do not need reading glasses. In most cases, the lens is positioned in front of the natural lens and behind the iris, however the exact positioning will depend on the lens chosen. With this treatment the natural lens remains in place, so the procedure is reversible.

Does Lens Surgery hurt?

Most patients say that RLE and ICL procedures are pain-free. We administer numbing eye drops before treatment so that you won’t feel pain during treatment, although you may feel some pressure. After treatment, there may be some mild discomfort as your eyes begin to heal, but this can be usually be managed with eye drops.

How long is the recovery after Lens Surgery?

Your vision may be slightly blurred for a few days following treatment but will gradually improve over the next few weeks. Your final result may be achieved a couple of months after the procedure as your eyes continue to heal following treatment.

How much does RLE cost compared to ICL?

Our prices are fixed, regardless of your prescription. ICL procedures cost £2,495 per eye, while RLE treatment ranges from £2,495 to £3,245 per eye, depending on whether you opt for Monofocal or Multifocal lenses. We have interest-free credit available for up to 24 months, as well as other payment plans for up to 48 months.

Types of lenses

There are many types of lenses and the best option for you will be discussed during your consultation.

Types of Lenses

Why choose Optimax?

We offer a wide range of lenses and surgical options to enable a life free of glasses. We are not tied to any one lens manufacturer and thus free to provide the best possible options to you. A choice of payment plans is available which make the surgery affordable for all.

  • NHS consultant surgeons
  • Freedom from reading glasses
  • Clinics nationwide
  • Range of advanced lens options


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