Costs as clear as your new vision

02 May 2019

Author: Kate Green

Clear costs for laser eye surgery

Transparent costs


People put off laser eye surgery or lens surgery for a number of reasons. There’s no denying that it’s a big decision, not least because we all know how important our eyesight is, but people also question the financial cost. If you’re at all worried about the potential risks of laser eye or lens surgery, have a read of our myth-busting article. We debunk many of the rumours surrounding laser eye surgery and talk about people’s most common fears regarding the procedure.


Fixed prices, regardless of prescription


At Optimax, we offer transparent prices with no hidden costs. This means that the price you see is exactly what you pay. For first-time patients, we offer a free consultation (secured with a deposit which is either returned to you, or taken off your final treatment price), and we offer 0% payment plans (subject to credit approval). Plenty of our patients, prior to undergoing treatment, are already paying for contact lenses each month, so the idea of monthly payments isn’t a departure from their current situation.


The average cost per day for contacts is around 90p, totalling approximately £27 a month. For a year, this works out as almost £330. In addition to this, the average cost of a contact lens appointment is £25 so, occurring twice a year, the average cost is £50 annually. Contact lens solution is typically around £5 a month, while glasses cost, on average, £300 per pair of frames every two years. All of this comes to a yearly average total of £590 for contact lenses and glasses. It’s clear to see that, while they are widely considered a cheaper alternative to laser eye surgery, it’s in fact not that much less in the long run.


If you were to receive laser treatment on both eyes for a combined cost of £3,590, you would begin to make your money back in 6 years. After that time period, you are essentially achieving savings, paying nothing towards the upkeep of your eyes. With our lifetime aftercare guarantee, you’re making a sensible financial decision with a long-term investment into your eyesight.


Monthly repayments


For both LASIK and LASEK treatments, we charge £1,795 per eye (please visit our treatment costs page for current prices). If this were to be paid over 36 months, it would cost you £49.86 per month. Compared to £32 for a temporary eyesight solution in the form of contacts, this perhaps isn’t as high an expense as most people anticipate. If you decide to have both eyes treated, we can even offer payment spread over 48 months at 0% interest.


Over the course of your lifetime, it’s likely that laser eye surgery or lens treatment will save you money, compared to forking out monthly for contacts or glasses. You won’t worry about losing your specs again, and you certainly won’t have to spend time sorting out your contacts and lens solution anymore. If the financial side of undergoing treatment at Optimax is the main factor in your hesitation, consider coming along to a free consultation. Our experienced patient advisors will talk you through the accessible payment options, and you might find that it’s not far different from your current temporary vision costs!

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