Top UK poll-vaulter has treatment at Optimax

04 June 2015

Author: Anjali Soneji

Top poll vaulter has laser eye surgery at Optimax

Top Scottish Athlete Courtney MacGuire recently had treatment with Optimax, with an eye on becoming the UK No.1 in her sport.


Currently ranked No.1 in Scotland, Glaswegian pole-vaulter Courtney MacGuire, moved up the national ranking to No.2 in the UK last year.


"I contacted Optimax as my vision had become a problem when I was doing athletics - I couldn't see my name on a board. But more importantly, I couldn't see the height of the bar, which affected my approach. The aftercare was superb - the staff at Optimax Birmingham really looked after me and now I'm back in training. Having 20:20 vision will mean being able to see my coach, and it's just a dream come true".

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