New year, new view with laser eye surgery

04 January 2021

Author: Kate Green

new year new view laser eye surgery

New vision for the New Year


Happy New Year! We’re leaving behind one of the most memorable years in decades (although it is perhaps not memorable for all of the right reasons) and people are seeking a fresh start in 2021 more than in any previous January.


2020 brought us increased screen time in the form of Zoom calls for every occasion, and face masks worn practically every time we left the house. Both of these have seen glasses-wearers struggle, whether that’s due to screen-induced eye strain, or glasses fogging up due to hot air trapped under our face masks. Eliminating the morning commute and its associated costs, combined with not being able to actually go anywhere to spend money, has meant that some people have been able to put a little more money into their laser eye surgery piggy banks.


All of these factors have meant that we’ve seen our consultation slots booking up quickly towards the end of 2020 and start of this year, with people hoping to begin the New Year by leaving their glasses and contact lenses behind.


See what our patients from 2020 had to say about their 20/20 vision they achieved with vision correction surgery at Optimax:



2020 wasn’t quite the year everyone hoped for, and perhaps opting for laser eye surgery was something you didn’t end up getting round to. Why not make 2021 your year for 20/20 vision and book a consultation at one of our clinics? We’ll conduct some assessments during your initial consultation to make sure that we’re satisfied with your eye health, and ensure that treatment is the right choice for you.


You can book your consultation online here, or give us a quick call on 0800 093 1110. Alternatively, you can request your free info pack to be emailed to you, so that you find out a little more about the treatments we offer, and exactly how your vision will benefit.


Let’s make 2021 great, starting with perfect vision!

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