Is summer the perfect time for laser eye surgery?

18 April 2019

Author: Kate Green

Laser eye surgery in summer

20/20 vision for summer 2019


If you’re a wearer of glasses or contacts, you’ll probably know that hauling eye care supplies around on holiday can be a bit of a task. The time of year when people start to go away is approaching, and your holidays are likely to involve sea, sand and sports. Glasses and contacts often hinder your involvement in fun summer activities – plenty of people have lost a pair of glasses in the sea, or have irritated their contacts after getting sand in their eyes. Having to plan your holiday fun around your eyesight can put a bit of a downer on things, but it doesn’t have to be that way with laser eye surgery.


First of all, not bothering with glasses, contact lenses or any of the paraphernalia that comes with them will make your packing much easier. Perhaps you’re only taking hand luggage and need to bring your contact lens solution? What about if you rely on glasses alone and happen to lose them on the beach? These don’t have to be problems for much longer. Opting for laser eye surgery now will help you travel with ease and pack lightly. With clear natural vision, you can enjoy those summer views with your own eyes – and you could even treat yourself to a pair of non-prescription sunglasses!


Contact lenses can often come with risks. Swimming – whether that’s in the sea or the pool – is actually really dangerous whilst wearing contacts. Water carries different types of bacteria and, when it comes into contact with your lenses, you increase your chances of infection and risk all sorts of complications. This can result in potential blindness or other damage to your vision. Wearing glasses while going for a paddle often isn’t practical either. They’re likely to fall off or get splashed so that you can’t see anyway. Having perfect 20/20 vision allows you to be more spontaneous and means that your summer fun isn’t hindered by your sight – or lack of!


Recovery from laser eye surgery is often really quick, especially as it’s such a non-invasive procedure. Whether you opt for LASIK or LASEK, you’re free to swim again after one month, and can also use saunas and steam rooms after a four week period. You can even go scuba diving after three months, so spring is the perfect season to start planning your Optimax journey, especially if you want perfect vision in time for your summer holidays! Get in touch today to talk about the most suitable options for you and your lifestyle. There really is no time like the present.

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