Optimax - Cardiff

Full range of vision correction procedures available including Laser Eye Surgery, Lens Implants and Cataract Surgery
Affordable treatments offering freedom from glasses, lenses and cataracts. 

Optimax - Cardiff Clinic Information:

Optimax Laser Eye Surgery Clinic
Northgate House
Cardiff, CF10 3FD
Opening Times:
Monday - Saturday: 8am - 6pm
. Phone: 0800 093 1110
Email: enquiry@optimax.co.uk

"Helping people in the Cardiff area achieve good vision is a great feeling, and the reactions from our patients after surgery makes it all worthwhile. Now that we offer lens surgery, we can help people aged 50+ to be free of glasses, too." Andrea Flowers, Cardiff Clinic Manager

Directions to Optimax - Cardiff

Djalenga Scott, treated at Optimax



By Public Transport

Cardiff Central Railway Station

Serves all major routes to the city. 10 minute walk to the clinic.

Directions: Exit the station walking past the bus station until you reach Wood Street. Turn right and walk down Wood Street. At the ‘T’ junction, turn left at O’Neills pub. Continue until you see the castle in front of you. Look to the right of the Castle, you will see the Clinic next to Lloyds Bank and Hop Bunker Pub.

Cardiff Queens Street Railway Station

Serves all Valley lines into the city. Walking time to the clinic is 10 minutes.

Directions: Exit the terminal and cross the road at the crossing. Turn right and walk until you reach a pedestrianised street (Queen Street). Turn left onto Queen Street and continue along until you see Cardiff Castle ahead, turn right at Lloyds Bank and the Clinic is almost immediately on the right.

Bus Station

Directions from the bus station are the same as from Cardiff Central Railway Station.