Optimax - Peterborough

Our Peterborough clinic offers laser eye surgery consultations and treatment, together with expert care from our dedicated team.

Optimax - Peterborough Clinic Information:

Optimax Laser Eye Surgery Clinic
172 Lincoln Road
Peterborough, PE1 2NW
Opening Times:
Monday - Saturday: 8am - 6pm
. Phone: 0800 093 1110
Email: enquiry@optimax.co.uk

"At Peterborough clinic we're committed to giving you personalised care and excellent results. We offer world class laser eye surgery options, performed by specialist eye surgeons, as well as free consultations" Tina Holroyd, Peterborough Clinic Manager

Directions to Optimax - Peterborough

Djalenga Scott, treated at Optimax




There is a private car park at the Optimax Peterborough clinic. You can also park at a short walk away at the shopping centre by the train station.


By Rail

The station is a short taxi ride from the Optimax Peterborough clinic.