Lifetime Aftercare Guarantee

Laser Eye Surgery Lifetime Aftercare at Optimax

Lifetime Aftercare is our guarantee to you that should you need any additional care or treatment, as recommended by our medical team, it will be provided to you by Optimax. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, so every effort is made to deliver optimal vision.

We believe that continuity is an important part of the Optimax treatment pathway, so your treating doctor will be actively involved in your aftercare.

It is very important that you attend your aftercare appointments as recommended by our medical team. At Optimax, all necessary aftercare is included free of charge within the first 12 months of your treatment date or until you are discharged. Thereafter any aftercare appointments conducted by the company are chargeable.

If, during an aftercare visit, it is deemed that a retreatment is necessary in order to improve your visual results, there will be no further charge for your aftercare, retreatment or any appointment conducted within 12 months of your retreatment. This excludes YAG treatment which is chargeable at £395 per eye.

Aftercare Appointment Programme

1st visit 3–5 days* 1 day
2nd visit 7–14 days 7–14 days
3rd visit 1 month 1 month
4th visit 3 months (discharge if satisfactory) 3 months (discharge if satisfactory)

*Bandage lenses need to be removed at Optimax after 3–5 days.

Occasionally your surgeon may prescribe prescription eye drops. Unfortunately we are unable to dispense any prescription medication in our clinics, and they will be charged for by your dispensing chemist.

Lubrication eye drops may be available at Optimax clinics at a charge; these are not provided under the Lifetime Aftercare Guarantee.

After your second appointment at Optimax, we can arrange for you to see one of our participating opticians in your local area for further aftercare appointments. You will be charged a fee by the optician (usually £15-£20 and not covered by Optimax) however this may be a less expensive option than your travel costs to Optimax. The optician will forward your results to us for our records.

Our Lifetime Aftercare does not cover natural changes to your eyes or any complication or diseases not connected to laser eye surgery. Terms and conditions apply.

You can book your aftercare appointments by calling 0800 093 1110 or emailing us on Please ensure that you have your Patient ID number and postcode to hand when making a booking.


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