Are You Suitable for Laser Eye Surgery?:
Questions and Answers

  • How many people do you turn away?

    Most prescriptions are now treatable at Optimax, since the introduction of Implantable Contact Lenses, which treat severe prescriptions up to -23 dioptres for short sight or to +12 dioptres for long sight, and to + or 7 dioptres for astigmatism, so those who do not meet the criteria for laser eye treatment, have this option available to them.

    Unfortunately however, not everyone is suitable for refractive surgery, due to eye conditions or other health related issues. Only a consultation with the treating Doctor will ultimately determine your suitability. We have to turn away on average around 20% of people at consultation.

  • Can I have treatment whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

    During pregnancy and the breastfeeding period, hormonal activity affects the vision and therefore this is not a suitable time to obtain accurate prescription readings and measurements of the eye. Additionally, as medication may be required following treatment, we would not administer this to a pregnant patient.

    We ask mothers to wait for three months after stopping breastfeeding before coming for a consultation, which should allow time for the eyes to resume their natural state.

  • I am diabetic, am I suitable for treatment?

    If your diabetes is well controlled and you have no other eye diseases, you are most likely to be suitable, however only a consultation with the treating Doctor will determine this.

  • I have glaucoma, am I suitable for treatment?

    If you have glaucoma with optic nerve damage, you would not be suitable for treatment. However, if you have ocular hypertention and no optic nerve damage and no family history of glaucoma then we may consider you for treatment.

    Traumatic or congenital pupil irregularity, early controlled diabetes, healed dendritic or bacterial corneal ulcer, repaired old retinal detachment and anterior uveitis are NOT contra-indications to treatment - i.e. you may well be suitable. All are subject to a consultation with the treating Doctor.

  • I have had a squint corrected, am I suitable for treatment?

    Past conditions which have been treated successfully do not usually interfere with treatment. Squints which have been corrected by a prism cannot however be corrected by a laser. The rule is - that if you are a successful contact lens wearer, then laser eye surgery should be an option for you. A consultation with the treating Doctor will determine suitability.

  • Is there a minimum age for treatment?

    We can legally treat from the age of 18 and many of our clinics are registered to do so. We do however find that most prescriptions have not fully stabilised until the age of 21 and we would therefore need evidence from eye test results, that your prescription has not changed for at least one year, before accepting you for treatment.

  • I have thin corneas, am I suitable for treatment?

    People with thin corneas are unable to have LASIK laser eye treatment and should therefore consider LASEK as an alternative, unless the prescription is severe, in which case Implantable Contact Lenses are an option.

  • I wear bi-focals, am I suitable for treatment?

    Laser eye treatment can only treat the need for distance vision glasses. The need for reading glasses is caused by the age related stiffening of the eye muscles (presbyopia). Whilst we can correct short sight, you would still require reading glasses.